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Aurico Kata

Aurico with stylish Reception, Cafe and floating breakfast

We stayed at Aurico. Aurico is a new hotel in the Kata area, just opened in 2019. It is a hotel that is open after overcoming the predicament that Phuket was locked down shortly after opening due to the corona disaster.
When did such a hotel have been built in such a place on Kata Beach? !! I was surprised. The interior of the hotel is very fashionable and the design is outstanding. Even though it is such a beautiful hotel, it is a wasteful word in Corona.

Deluxe Pool Access Room

Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
We stayed at the pool access room.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
There are nearly 40 rooms with pool access, and you can experience a floating breakfast by staying at the pool access. Floating breakfast is only available in the pool access room.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
What surprised me when I entered the guest room was the very fashionable construction. With access to the pool and state-of-the-art facilities, this room would normally be reasonably priced, but this time it was 1500B for a direct reservation at the hotel. Moreover, I was able to make a reservation with a special discount that also includes a floating breakfast, so it is a great deal. The bed was also spacious and spacious.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
There is also a bathtub in the bathroom, making it comfortable. The bathtub and shower are separate, so they are also easy to use and are suitable for long-term stays.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
I think that the ease of use around the water is an important point when choosing a hotel.

Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
Next to the bed was a chair and Oddman, which made the set comfortable and exquisite to unwind in the guest room. There are plenty of chairs and table sets by the pool, and there are plenty of places to sit, making it a very convenient guest room.


Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
After checking in at the hotel, we recommend relaxing at the cafe. I really like the cafe area because it's a very fashionable hotel. This kind of cafe makes you want to stop by every time you come to the Kata area.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
The drink menu was also reasonably priced and was a very good service. I ordered cupcino and Thai tea.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa

Restaurant “SHOVEL”

Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
We ate dinner at excavator restaurant in the hotel. Located right next to the cafe, this restaurant is also used as a breakfast venue. This is also a very fashionable restaurant that sells Thai menu and Western food.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
I ordered shrimp spicy salad, tom yum soup, pineapple fried rice and drinks. It is very reasonable for a hotel with 600B or less for two people.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa

Floating Breakfast

Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
Breakfast is the main purpose of this stay, the floating breakfast.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
The menu is left to the kitchen. You can tell us your wishes for coffee or tea the day before. I was wondering what kind of menu it was, but I was very satisfied with the beautiful presentation.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
The pool access rooms are scattered around, so even if you had a floating breakfast in the morning, you could enjoy a comfortable floating without hitting other guests. I'm glad that the structure of the pool has been devised.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa

Breakfast on the Bed

Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
I think the breakfast on the bed is also luxurious. During your stay at the hotel, it is highly recommended to order breakfast at the in-room dining room. It is an elegant way to enjoy the morning only in the resort area.

There are many photogenic places!

Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
There are many photogenic places in the hotel, Auriko kata.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
Originally, the rooftop will be more crowded.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
I'm still a little lonely when the sandbox started, but I was relieved that a lot of the rooms were filled with guests using the sandbox.
Aurico Kata Resort&Spa

A summary of Aurico

Aurico Kata Resort&Spa
Aulico is a great choice for those who want to experience a fashionable stay at a modern hotel at a relatively affordable price.

Aurico Kata Resort&Spa

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