Wonderful Pool Access Room or Villa “Metadee Resort&Villas”

I have stayed at Metadee Resort, which is popular with Japanese tourists. Metadee is in a very good location in the central area of ​​Kata Beach. It is a very unique resort with villas and building type guest rooms. The hotel has an elongated pool with guest rooms lined up around the pool. There are two types facing the pool: pool access villas and pool access rooms.
The second floor of the pool access room is the pool view room, and the higher floors of the resort are the rooms on the second floor, making it a very luxurious resort. There are also private pool villas, which do not face the pool. With a pool in your room, you can enjoy your stay at the resort in a completely private space.

Deluxe Pool Access Room

Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
We stayed in the deluxe spool access room facing the pool. This room is very cute and I fell in love with it at first sight. The villa type has a larger room and a larger balcony, but the bathroom in the deluxe room is separated from the bedroom by a door, so it is very photogenic.
Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
The canopy bed that girls will be happy with, the interior with plenty of wood, and the doors are very cute. Is it okay to have such a nice room? It was surprisingly nice and I liked it.
Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
The bed mud is also comfortable and comfortable, and the bathtub also has hot water. Moreover, it's so photogenic! When you open the shade in the bathroom, you can see the green outside, which is also photogenic.
Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
It's poolside, so I thought I might be worried about mosquitoes, but it's not stung and it's comfortable in terms of mosquitoes. (Actually, the atmosphere is good, but there are quite a few hotels that have a lot of mosquitoes and itching too much.)

Pool @Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket

Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
The stream-style pool in front of the room connects to the main pool.
Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
The main area is quite deep with a depth of 1.6m. Unlike the stream zone in front of the room, the atmosphere of the main area changes again, so it is recommended to take a walk along the pool.
Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
There are many plumeria trees and the hotel itself has a maximum of 2 floors, so it is a resort with a feeling of openness.
Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket

Afternoon Tea @Pool access room

Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
Afternoon tea was ordered by looking at the photos inside the hotel. I had you respond to the order in a hurry. It is a recommended dish as it is carried in a very fashionable basket.
Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
It was a conscientious amount of 450B for two people. It's an afternoon tea that you can have by the pool or while rumbling on the canopy bed.

Beautiful Bathtub at Night Time!

Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
At night, it is the pool access room of the Moody Metadee Resort. It is also recommended to have wine while taking a bathtub.
Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
I love hotels with nice bathtubs. It's a nice bathtub that blends into the room so much that it's more like the interior of the room than the bathtub.

Floating Breakfast @ Deluxe Pool Access Room

Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
Speaking of breakfast in the pool access room, it is a floating breakfast. It is usually 1500B, but if you stay in a package that includes breakfast, you can upgrade for + 790B.
Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
It's a very nice set, so if you stay in the pool accelerator room or villa, it's a good idea. The stream-style pool fits perfectly into the floating, so it looks great in the picture.
Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
If you have a fried breakfast in the pool access room, we recommend an early floating breakfast as it is a shared pool.
Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
We also recommend a French-style breakfast on the bed. Enjoy a resort-like elegant and luxurious morning at Metadee Resort.

A Summary of Metadee Resort&Villas

Metadee Resort&Villas Phuket
It was an image of a small resort, but it has a nice atmosphere and is perfect for a tropical image. The guest room, where you can feel the warmth of wood, goes well with photogenic. If you're looking for a photogenic journey, Metadee Resort is a great choice.

Metadee Resort&Villas

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