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Luxury hidden pool villa “Villa Vimanmek”

Villa Vimanmek is a luxury villa located in the Ao Yon area of ​​the Panwa area of ​​Phuket. Because it is a rental villa style rather than a hotel, it is a great price setting. Everyone should love a very fashionable villa!
It's a not so big property, but the atmosphere is outstanding. Originally it was a villa built for sale, but since it has become a very beautiful villa, we are operating it as a rental villa. After passing through the fashionable reception and entering the resort, you will find a very nice cobblestone pond. The moment I saw the pond, I fell in love at first sight. And the wall of the villa where I stayed was beautifully decorated with wall art. A mural depicting the history of Thailand. It is a very photogenic villa with a wooden door.

Private 1 Bed Pool Villa

villa vimanmek phuket
A villa in a small resort with 12 rooms in total. There is a frog's foot wash in front of the villa, and the nameplate of the villa is a birdhouse and a very cute entrance of the villa. There is a large wooden door at the entrance, and there is another door at the back of the entrance.
villa vimanmek phuket
When you enter the entrance, the kitchen and living area expand.
villa vimanmek phuket
It is a spacious space with a dining table and a sofa.
villa vimanmek phuket
The back of the living room is the pool.
villa vimanmek phuket
There is a large bathroom next to the dining room.
villa vimanmek phuket
Very nice bathroom with almost square. There is an outdoor spa bath in the back of the bathroom, which is a very photogenic bathtub. When you close the bathroom door, a fashionable door will come out.
villa vimanmek phuket
A traditional Thai style villa with a bedroom and the warmth of wood.
villa vimanmek phuket
The pool is also accessible from the bedroom.
villa vimanmek phuket

Where do you have breakfast?!

Villa Viman Make is a villa with ample space, so it will be a different morning depending on where you have breakfast in the villa.
villa vimanmek phuket
First of all, breakfast that is generally served at the dining table.
villa vimanmek phuket
Next, a French-style breakfast served in bed when you want to relax in the morning.
villa vimanmek phuket
For those who want to be active from the morning, it is a poolside breakfast.
villa vimanmek phuket
Every breakfast is very nice and starts like a resort. Villa Vimanmek is a great way to start your morning.


villa vimanmek phuket
All rooms at Villa Viman Make come with a private pool.

It is a comfortable pool for vacations in a quiet space. The poolside is also beautiful with a wooden deck. Comfortable poolside. You may also order coffee from Bottoms Up Coffee, a cafe run by Villa Vimanmek, by the pool.
villa vimanmek phuket

Spa Bath

villa vimanmek phuket
Villa Vimanmek has a nice outdoor bathtub. This bathtub, called a spa bath, is a luxurious bathtub with a Jacuzzi function. Small bubbles come out of the wall, making it a comfortable jacuzzi.
villa vimanmek phuket

Bottoms Up Coffee

Bottoms Up Coffee
The cafe operated by Villa Vimanmek will be bottoms-up coffee.
Bottoms Up Coffee
It is a cafe facing the road from Ao Yon Beach to Panwa. It's a very nice cafe, so if you come to Panwa or Ao Yon area, you should stop by.
Bottoms Up Coffee
It's a very nice cafe with loft style.
Bottoms Up Coffee
The coffee made by barista golf is authentic. Please enjoy the coffee brewed with the special beans. Homemade sweets are also delicious and you can enjoy them when you are hungry. The outdoor seats have a very nice atmosphere, and it is a cafe where you can stay longer.
Bottoms Up Coffee
Currently closed on Friday. Open until 5 pm.

Photogenic Villa

There is such a nice area outside the villa.
Villa Vimanmek Phuket
The reception area is also very fashionable.
Villa Vimanmek Phuket
After passing through the reception, the small pond is very photogenic.
Villa Vimanmek Phuket
I was impressed by the wall art.

The Summary of Villa Vimanmek

Villa Vimanmek Phuket
All rooms have a private pool, 1 minute walk to Ao Yon and the location is perfect.
A fashionable cafe, bottoms-up coffee is also open.It is a recommended villa in Ao Yon

Villa Vimanmek

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