Hideaway Hotel at Patong Beach | Burasari Phuket

Burasari Phuket is very photogenic hotel, just one minute walk to patong beach!

Burasari Phuket is a very popular resort for travelers in Patong Beach. Burasari is a hotel with guest rooms lined up around the pool. It's a hideaway hotel, and the inside of the hotel is very photogenic. I've visited the Khantok restaurant several times, but this is my first time to check in at Burasari. I was very exited at the hotel I longed for.
There are many reasons why Burasari is chosen by travelers, but after all, Patong Beach is a one - minute walk away! This good location is a great point for anyone who wants to spend a vacation at Patong Beach! With easy access to the beach, it was a very convenient hotel to go for a walk in the morning, sunbathe during the day, or enjoy a walk at night.

Mr. Patrik , a famous GM

This is a famous manager who bought the attendant for this hotel stay by GM himself. Mr Patrick, has a long history in Phuket. He is a reliable person who can consult with you about anything about Phuket and can also serve as a concierge. During the busy GM business, we had a room escort and talked about the history of Burasari, and it was a great stay.
Burasari Phuket
The etymology of Burasari comes from the name of an Indonesian plant, and the name of the tree is readed in a Thai style, and the name of the hotel is Burasari. Although it is a thin trunk tree, it is a very strong plant that blooms all year round. That feeling is put into the naming of the hotel, and just like the Burasari tree, the Burasari Hotel is a local brand hotel in Thailand, but I am convinced that it is a strong and shining hotel. Burasari has been a fashionable and admired hotel for more than 10 years, although it is not large. When I stayed at the hotel this time, it all connected that the image of the hotel came from the concept.

Mood Collection@Burasari Phuket

Burasari Phuket
We had upgrade to a mood collection equivalent to a suite and stayed there. The mood room is 60㎡ and features a large bathroom and a balcony.
Burasari Phuket
When I opened the door, I was surprised at the very large room. The guest room is 1.5 times larger than the elite room we originally planned to stay in.
Burasari Phuket
Located on the corner of the building, this guest room has a large balcony and a daybed on the balcony. There is a feeling of openness throughout the room.
Burasari Phuket
Burasari Phuket is an interesting hotel with different room atmospheres for each room category. As the name of the mood room, it was a cool adult guest room.
Burasari Phuket
There is a large TV in front of the king-size bed, a couch and a sofa with a window fix, so you can relax in the guest room.
Burasari Phuket
My favorite is the bathtub with a jacuzzi. As it is a high-performance bathtub, it is easy to use and I used the bathtub many times during my stay. It's a big bathtub, but you can rest assured that hot water will soon accumulate. The hot water was also solid. The size of the bathroom is a characteristic of the mood room. When I stay at a hotel, I spend a lot of time in the bathroom. The mood room with a large bathroom is recommended for such people. Recommended for long-term residents and those who spend a lot of time in the room.

Premier Room @Burasari Phuket

Burasari Phuket
The premier room is a guest room located in the back wing. This room is a compact and a cute guest room featuring a yellow and black color. They put a blind specification instead of a curtain, it looks really simple and good.The pool view room is recommended as it overlooks the pool.
Burasari Phuket
The premier room has only a shower, but the bathroom layout is also optimal, making it an easy-to-use guest room. This guest room is suitable for young friends and couples.

Honeymoon Room @Burasari Phuket

Burasari Phuket
Honeymoon rooms, it is located in the central area of ​​the hotel. All rooms are located on the 1st floor and have a garden. The outdoor garden area also has a bathtub and a very photogenic guest room.
Burasari Phuket
It is a room with a feeling of openness that allows you to go directly to the pool or garden area from the garden. The door that goes out is a wooden door that is cute and photogenic. The dim feeling is very moody, and the lace curtains in the bathroom are just like a honeymoon.
Burasari Phuket
Especially recommended is the outdoor bathtub. It's a very photogenic bathtub. A honeymoon room that loves the atmosphere of the garden.
Burasari Phuket

Dinner @ Kantok Restaurant

Burasari Phuket
We had dinner at the Kantok restaurant. It is a set menu of Thai food. Kantok is a Thai restaurant that I have visited several times. It's a restaurant that will satisfy you every time you visit, so you can order with confidence. After all, since I came to Thailand, I would like you to try Thai food at Burasari.
Burasari Phuket
chicken satay, tom yum kung soup, pad thai and a2 fruit platter- They have a standard Thai food and signature menu, so we recommend ordering the menu recommended by the staff.
Burasari Phuket
The original recipe Tom Yum Kung had a deep taste and was delicious. The satay also had a good balance of taste, and I ate it in no time. And the classic Thai food Pad Thai was also really delicious with an elegant taste. Street Thai food is good, but I would like you to try Thai food prepared by the chef at least once as a standard Thai food. In that case, we recommend the Kantok restaurant in Burasari Phuket.

Floating Breakfast @ Burasari Phuket

Burasari Phuket
All guests at Burasari can upgrade their floating breakfast. Burasari has two pools, so you can experience a floating breakfast in your favorite pool.
Burasari Phuket
This is the pool on the reception side. The Elite Pool Access Room is this poolside room.
Burasari Phuket
This is the pool on the Kantok restaurant side. The pool in front of the premier room.
Burasari Phuket
While many hotels are constrained to not be able to experience a floating breakfast without booking a pool access room or a guest room with a private pool, Brasari allows you to experience a floating breakfast in any type of room. It's a only one floating breakfast in Phuket because it is a bamboo tray. It's a bit different from the others and is photogenic.

Breakfast @ Burasari Phuket

Burasari Phuket
Breakfast is served at the Kantok Restaurant. Because of the buffet style, you can choose as many as you like. The Thai food menu was very delicious because it was called a kantok restaurant. Cold plates such as salads and fruits are placed in the air-conditioned room, and we have not forgotten the hygiene considerations. We were delighted to have Thai curry and Thai-style fried noodles from the morning. Looking around, everyone was relaxing at the breakfast venue from the morning.
Burasari Phuket
The open-air seats are nice, with a shaded table that looks like Burasari. The atmosphere of Burasari, where a relaxing time flows, is comfortable and makes you stay longer.

Burasari Spa

Burasari Phuket
You can see the image of Burasari tree when you go to the spa. The picture on the wall and the tree with the logo at the entrance are exactly the Burasari tree. And a Burasari tree is planted in front of the spa. The inside of the spa is also very fashionable and has a good reputation for its high quality. It is a brasari spa that has been highly evaluated in the spa department for a long time.
Burasari Phuket
I took a oil massage, and I was satisfied with the treatment. The therapist's response, spa skills, room atmosphere and facilities were perfect. After staying at Burasari, we recommend that you get a massage at Burasari Spa for at least an hour. It is a space and time where you can enjoy a luxurious mood. There is also a promotion depending on the period, so it is very profitable to receive a spa at the promotion. When you check in Burasari, I recommend you check the spa promotion. As this is a popular spa, advance reservations are required.

The Summary of Burasari Phuket

Burasari Phuket
Burasari is a hideaway resort in Patong Beach, but when I stayed there, I realized how good Burasari is. The proximity to Patong beach is the biggest attraction. A comfortable stay in the hotel is based on the concept and hospitality unique to Burasari, and if you are looking for a fashionable resort on Patong Beach, Burasari Phuket is recommended.
Burasari Phuket
There are many photogenic places in the hotel, and it is suitable for families, couples, honeymooners and a wide range of people.

Burasari Phuket

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