New Style! Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket

seabed grand hotel phuket

New opened hotel in Phuket Town, Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket

Seabed Grand Hotel is the latest hotel in Phuket Town. The Seabed Grand Hotel is conveniently located at Phuket Town, but was created with the concept of maximizing a relaxing space. You can understand the owner's concept if you stay at this hotel.
The signature of Seabed Grand Hotel is the large pool. There are guest rooms surrounding the pool, some even have pool views! I would like to stay in this pool view room. And there is also a pool access room, although the number of rooms are limited to 10 rooms. This pool accessed room is very fascinating. I stayed once and was completely captivated by the pool access room.

Deluxe Pool Access Room @Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket

Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
The pool accessed room is located on the ground floor of the hotel, in the area in front of the pool. The ceiling is so high that the room feels very big. There is a pool in front of the room, so the view from the room is amazing.
Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
Beach chairs and tables are placed only on the balcony of the pool accessed room. Chairs and tables are placed other room. Furthermore, beach towels are set in the room, making it a convenient seabed ground.
Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
When you enter the guest room, the bathroom is in front of you. With a bathtub, it is easy to use and comfortable in pool accessed room. The shower room is firmly surrounded by a glass door. Since the room and the bathroom are separated by frosted glass, the bathroom side is also bright and it is open even if you look at the bathroom from the room.
Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
The king size bed of the sea bed is a 7 inch big king size. It is large enough for two adults and can be used for families with children in the shape of a river. I had a good night sleep in a very comfortable bed.

Floating Breakfast at Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket

Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
We recommended floating breakfast at Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket. The marble pool, which can be said to have been created for a floating breakfast, is beautiful and shining.
Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
The floating breakfast on the clear tray is also beautiful to match the marble pool. There are many floating breakfasts, but the crystal trays are now the original style of seabeds only.
Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
If you want to experience a photogenic floating breakfast, we recommend you Seabed's Floating Breakfast.

Arranged Floating Evening Cocktails!

Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
Seabed has a large selection of cocktails and meals, and as it is a local brand hotel, it is offered at a very reasonable price. This is also a hotel where you can feel the desire of the guests to relax in the hotel at the will of the owner. We really agree their concept. We relaxed so much! we hope to come back at Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket again!
Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
There are fashionable cocktails and snack menus, so I thought of it as an evening cocktail tray. Add a cocktail and it will look very colorful.

Poolside Bar at Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket

Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
Seabed Grand Hotel with a stylish poolside bar. It is very photogenic, but it is a wallet-friendly hotel that offers such a price setting. Cocktails start at 130B, so you can order generously cocktails and drinks.

Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
You can enjoy a stylish poolside cocktail, of course a beach chair, or in the pool accessed room, you can enjoy it on the beach chair in your room. In the pool view room, you can also have a cocktail on your balcony!
Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket

Breakfast at Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket

Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
Breakfast on the second day was served at the restaurant. It's a buffet style breakfast.

The local food was very delicious and I had Thai food in earnest from the morning. The fried rice, stir-fried chicken ginger, graphao rice, stir-fried vegetables, fried noodles, etc. were very delicious with a spicy taste.
Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
I was surprised of the size of the breakfast venue. It is designed so that many guests can use it at once without waiting. The breakfast venue is also based on a blue style.

Summary of Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket

Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket
Seabed Grand Hotel is a high-quality, low-cost hotel that is as good as major hotels brands. It's certainly an inland location, so it's a little far from the sea, but I felt that it was more than enough to relax in the owner's concept hotel. I want to keep costs down, but if I want to stay, I want to stay in a fashionable hotel! This is a great hotel for those who wants a floating breakfast!

Seabed Grand Hotel Phuket

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