Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi

Le meridien Suvarnabhumi

25 minutes by car the from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi is a 5-star hotel also located 20 minutes by car from the huge shopping mall, Mega Bangna.

The spacious guest rooms are attractive, starting from 48㎡.

It’s a resort with a golf course, so the hotel is spacious and has many green areas that you won’t believe are in Bangkok.

The concept of the hotel is green views everywhere you look. The rooms, restaurant, pool, and fitness center are all laid out so that you can see the green. The hotel’s beautiful greenery will soothe your tiredness and give you a refreshing feeling.

Grande Deluxe Room

A feature of Le Méridien Le One Poom is that all of the spacious guest rooms have green views. It’s a golf resort! All rooms have views of the golf course and the airplanes flying by without any special requests.

If you are tired of the big city of Bangkok, it is the perfect place to relax at a resort full of greenery.

From the room we stayed in, we could see planes landing at Suvarnabhumi International Airport, and we were very impressed with the double view. This is an irresistible room for anyone who loves airplanes.

There is a large bathroom in the front and a double bed in the middle of the room.

There is a sofa and desk next to the window, and the room is 48 square meters, so it is very spacious.

Another feature of Le Méridien Suvarnabhumi is that all rooms have bathtubs.

There is a large sofa on the balcony. You can relax while looking at the golf course.

It is also a nice room where you can fully open the window and enjoy the view.

Considering the size of the room and the specifications of the bathroom, it can be called a suite. If you are in Bangkok, it will probably be a suite room. Still, I was surprised that this room had the most standard facilities.

I think it’s a pretty good value for money hotel.

With this room, you can enjoy a weekend getaway from Bangkok.

Latitude 13°39′

Latitude is Le Méridien’s signature lounge bar. The name of the lounge is based on the latitude of the hotel. Yes, Bangkok is located at 13 degrees 39 minutes north latitude.

Latitude13°39′ is a lounge with two faces, a cafe during the day and a bar at night.

This is a very stylish lounge connected to the lobby, and is a place you’ll want to relax at the hotel.

It’s spacious, so it’s a good idea to use the lounge after playing golf.

Latitude is well integrated in the wide corridor, making it a very photogenic place to take pictures.

Infinity pool with golf view

The highlight of Le Méridien is the infinity pool overlooking the golf course.

This pool can truly be called an oasis in the city.

Relaxing by the pool while watching planes land at Suvarnabhumi Airport is the perfect way to spend your holidays.

This is a hotel I would like to use as a weekend stay.

Lunch can be ordered poolside. I wanted to eat spicy Thai food so I ordered Som Tam. The poolside area is comfortable and can be used all day!

Explore Spa

Explorer Spa is a recommended spa if you stay at Le Méridien Suvarnabhumi.

The inside of the spa is very beautiful and photogenic!!

It is a beautiful spa that is lit up at night. Please use Explorer Spa and take photos inside the spa!

I received stone therapy this time, and it was very good, the therapist was polite and the massage was comfortable for an hour.

I fell asleep right away, and it was a pleasant hour that passed by quickly.

The warmth of the stones is effective against sensitivity to cold, and the acupressure using the stones is indescribably comfortable, and the pressure area is wider than with your fingers, so it’s a massage that doesn’t feel painful.

Recommended for those who want to receive a pleasant massage.

When you hear of stone therapy, there are many treatments with good prices, but this treatment is affordable at 2200B++ for one hour.

Stone therapy is also affordable.


You can enjoy authentic Italian food at Favola.

The aged dough is baked into pizza on the spot.

Pizza baked in a pizza oven is truly delicious and is a must-order item at Favola. The appetizers and pasta are also really delicious, and the dressing and sauce have a strong taste, making them easy to eat and familiar to Japanese people.

A restaurant brought straight from Italy. The portions are also Italian, so sharing is perfect. You can enjoy the authentic taste of Thailand, not Italy.


Pizza PESCATORA 520B++

Linguine Con Cozze Al Vino Blanco 590B++


Would you like to relax away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok?

Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi is recommended for such people!

You can enjoy a luxurious weekend just 45 minutes from Bangkok.

Le Meridien style breakfast is served leisurely by the pool.

Enjoy a luxurious buffet breakfast and blow away your daily fatigue!

They have amazing staffs and high-quality products.

Le Meridien Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok Golf Resort&Spa

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