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1 Bedroom Villa Garden view plunge pool | Renaissance Phuket Resort&Spa

We stayed in the Deluxe Lagoon View Room at Renaissance Phuket Resort&Spa in Feb 2021. We stayed at pool villa at this time. Renaissance Phuket has a building-type deluxe room and a pool villa on the sea side. Due to the limited number of beachfront villas, many are garden view villas. The plunge type pool villa is also designed to feel the warmth of wood. The large, curvy roof like a ship is beautiful, and the roofs of the reception and other areas are just as distinctive renaissance. 
Plunge Pool Villa has a room entrance after passing through a lovely gate. When you open the wooden door, it becomes a closet space. It is a fairly large storage space. One shelf has a door on the bathroom side and can be used from either side.
renaissance phuket
Open the middle door to connect to the bedroom. The bed is in the middle of the room and faces the pool.

And the sofa is attached to the bed, and the sofa faces the pool.
Renaissance Phuket
The room layout is unique to the resort.

The curvy ceiling is beautiful and the ceiling is high, so it feels open and spacious. The building type deluxe room was also a comfortable room, but if you want to enjoy the resort feeling even more, the villa type is recommended.
Renaissance Phuket
It is separated from the bathroom by a large door and can be opened when the bathroom is not in use. The bathroom area is nicely integrated into the room. This style is still tropical, isn't it?
renaissance phuket
The pool can be seen from both the bathroom and the room and is connected to the pool. It is a pool villa with an adult atmosphere. Recommended for honeymooners and couples.

Welcome Drink: Virgin Mojito

Renaissance Phuket
Your own welcome drink is available in the guest rooms of the pool villa. It is a non-alcoholic virgin mojito. I've stayed at many hotels, but this is the first time I've had a handmade set. The fun of making your own will increase and your stay at the hotel will be even more enjoyable.
renaissance phuket
It comes with an instruction card on how to make it, so it is safe for those who make mojito for the first time. The sour taste makes it a perfect drink for tropical countries. The mojito that you can sit by the pool and it's› the best.
renaissance phuket

Plunge pool integrated with this villa

renaissance phuket
Not only is it a villa, but because it is a villa with a pool, the Renaissance plunge pool villa feels like it will be upgraded even more than a deluxe room. The recommended point is to integrate the pool with the room.
Renaissance phuket
If you open the door of the room wide, the garden, the pool, and the room will be integrated into a nice atmosphere. The high ceiling is also a point that gives a feeling of tropical jungle. The plunge pool is also connected to the bathtub side, so you can go straight to the bathroom.
renaissance phuket
If you have hot water in the bathtub, you can go back and forth between the bathtub and the pool, and you can relax and enjoy the private pool villa. You can enter the pool directly by exiting the door next to the bathtub.

Main Pool @ Renaissance Phuket

renaissance phuket
The main pool at Renaissance Phuket is very fashionable and I like the mature atmosphere. The color of the tiles is chic and mature. Even if you stay in a guest room with a private pool, you will still want to visit the Renaissance main pool. That's my favorite pool.
renaissance phuket
The Renaissance is famous as a photogenic hotel, but the pool is an indispensable photo spot as a photogenic place. The luxurious beach chairs and umbrellas are wonderful.
renaissance phuket
It's a great place to take pictures. The area around the pool is also very fashionable, and Sand Box is a restaurant with sand all over, giving you a fashionable atmosphere as if you were on the beach. Takieng above the Sand Box is an authentic Thai restaurant that is stylish and has a guaranteed taste.
renaissance phuket

Authentic Thai Restaurant “Takieng”

renaissance phuket
Renaissance serves delicious dish in both Phuket and Bangkok. Among them, Takieng is a recommended restaurant for authentic Thai food and true Thai food.
renaissance phuket
Even if you are staying at a hotel other than Renaissance, it is a restaurant where you can guarantee the taste that you should definitely visit for a meal. I had Thai food at Takieng in February when I stayed last time, and all the items I ordered were delicious, so it was a restaurant that the whole family could enjoy. If you reserve a seat on the sea side of Takieng, you can enjoy the sunset from inside the restaurant if the weather is nice.
Renaissance phuket
We still have a clear memory that it was delicious at Takieng last time, so the expected value this time was really high. However, it is probably because everyone can enjoy everything without disappointing that expectation. I think it takes extraordinary effort to impress even a famous restaurant with all the items, but here Takieng is a restaurant that will satisfy your body and soul.
renaissance phuket
We ordered about 10 items in total, and Those were all really delicious! It's not normal and it's all delicious.

We got a set menu. I started with shrimp crackers.
renaissance phuket
Appetizers are typical Thai food, fried shrimp and Thai beef spicy salad, Yamunuayan. The spiciness is delicious.
The main dishes are crispy dack red curry, stir-fried rimhan vegetables, and sea bass tamarind sauce. It should be quite a volume, but I got it.

The dessert is Thai custard dessert. This signature course is 2200B ++ for two people, but it never feels expensive. There are also 1300B ++ and 1800B ++ courses.

If you want to have dinner at Takieng, it is recommended to reserve a table in advance → Make a reservation at Takieng

A lot of Photogenic spots

renaissance phuket
The Renaissance is also famous as a photogenic hotel, but it is full of hotel lobbies, lounges, pools, beaches and photogenics.
renaissance phuket
The whole hotel is fashionable, so you can enjoy your stay in the hotel very much. I enjoyed the shooting time in various places this time as well.
renaissance phuket
In addition to shooting, morning yoga classes, Muay Thai classes, bike rides, stand-up paddle boards, body boards and kayaks are also available, so you can experience a variety of activities in the hotel, which is a unique way to enjoy the resort hotel renaissance.
renaissance phuket
The reception is my favorite place with a beautiful curved roof.
renaissance phuket
There is a hammock on the beach side as a photogenic point. Perfect for tropical Phuket!
Renaissance phuket
The area in front of the sandbox is covered with sand like the beach, so it's relaxing and photogenic!
renaissance phuket
After all, my favorite place is Bua's garden. An oasis in the Renaissance that calms you down!
renaissance phuket
There was such a fashionable spot under Takieng.
renaissance phuket
The resort feeling in the tropical garden is very good.

Breakfast @Takieng

renaissance phuket
Last time I had it at Loca Vore, a restaurant where you can see the flowers of lotus, but this time Takieng was the breakfast venue. Currently only residents of Phuket, Takieng, which is normally open only at night, was used.
renaissance phuket
It is a very nice restaurant with a view of the sea and the pool from the morning. You can order from international to Thai food by ordering. We recommend R Signature Pancakes, Eggs Benedict and a full breakfast. The bread platter was also delicious.
renaissance phuket
Breakfast is also a delicious renaissance, so it feels very good from the morning. The quality of the breakfast included package varies depending on the hotel, but the Renaissance breakfast included is of high quality and is really good value.

Great package included resort credit

renaissance phuket
As of June 2021, Renaissance Phuket still sells packages that include hotel credits, so it's a great deal. If you can stay at the bottom price, the room charge is virtually free! There is also a super sale that can be said to be, so it is a great deal. Check the deals on Renaissance Phuket → Renaissance special offer

The Summary of Renaissance Phuket

renaissance phuket
Renaissance where you can check in to the hotel in just 15 minutes from the airport. Located on Mai Khao Beach and close to the national park, it is a tropical resort with plenty of nature, and I realized again that it is the best resort to heal my daily fatigue. It is a resort where you can stay with peace of mind even if Phuket reopens in the future, as it has acquired SHA certified by the Thai government as a countermeasure against corona.
renaissance phuket
Breakfast for dinner that feels delicious no matter how many times you eat it. This hotel promises to return to the Renaissance if you want to enjoy a delicious meal. This resort is recommended for those who like delicious food and those who like photography.

Renaissance Phuket Resort&Spa

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