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We stayed at my dream hotel, Sri Panwa.

We have eaten at Sri Panwa several times and liked the view from Baba Pool Club, so this time we stayed in a room directly below Baba Pool Club.

Sri Panwa, a resort hotel with a very adult image, is recommended for those who want to enjoy an adult stay within the hotel.

Pool Suite East Ocean View

This room type is located directly below the Baba Pool Club.

Most of the other suites are on the West Side, and this type is the only one on the East Side. As far as I can see, the number of rooms is less than 10.

Eastside is recommended for those who want to watch the sunrise from their room.

The east side is an area where pool villas gather.

When I was shown to the room, I was greeted by a luxurious and chic style that was exactly the image of Sri Panwa.

The pool on the balcony was also very chic and the room was perfect for my tastes.

On the other hand, the YAYA suite has a very cute pop-up interior, so you can choose one according to your preference.

This room has a king-sized bed facing the sea, allowing you to fully enjoy the sea view of Panwa.

The bathroom is also spacious and has a bathtub. The bathroom is also a nice space with a mature atmosphere. Having a garden behind the bathroom is also typical of Sri Panwa.

This room has the best view from the pool and makes you feel like you have the sea view of Phuket all to yourself.

And above the room is the Baba Pool Club and breakfast venue, so it’s very convenient. This is a convenient room with a shared pool right next door and stairs leading down to the private beach.


There are three pools in Sripanwa.

One is the Baba Pool Club pool above the East Ocean View Room where we stayed this time.

The second one is in the area right next to your room. beach pool.

The third is the large Forest Waterfall Pool at The Habita.

As Sri Panwa has a pool in every room, both pools are not very crowded. If you want to enjoy a different view from your room, we recommend using the shared pool.


Step down the stairs next to the beach pool and you will find Sripanwa’s private beach. You can’t get down to this beach without passing through the hotel grounds, so it’s almost private. A floating pier will also be installed during the dry season, so it can also be used as a private pier.

It was a very quiet and comfortable space.

Baba Nest

Baba Nest is a popular rooftop bar in Sripanwa.

The name Baba Nest may be more widely known than the hotel itself.

Reservations for this place are very difficult and are always fully booked.

Hotel guests can take photos at Baba Nest between 4 and 5 p.m.

Evening cocktail at Tu Bar

Our accommodation package included evening cocktails at Tu Bar, so we had cocktails at Tu Bar.

Tu Bar is also a rooftop bar with a beautiful view that rivals Baba Nest.

(However, Baba Nest is located at a higher altitude.)

If you want to enjoy both, you will need to stay at least two nights in Sripanwa.

Baba pool club

After cocktail time, we moved to Baba Pool Club for dinner.

The atmosphere here at night is also good.

Other dining options available by the pool include Baba Hot Box for grilled food, Baba Chino for international and Chinese cuisine, and Baba IKI for creative Japanese cuisine.

There are a lot of restaurants.

Baba Soul Cafe

If you walk along the breezeway from the Yaya Building toward the mountain side, you will find Baba Soul Cafe. This is a cafe that is open all day and is a very casual area.

It can be seen that outside guests also come to use the cafe.

If you want to eat some delicious cake in Phuket, we recommend Baba Soul Cafe in Sri Panwa, which has a beautiful view.

I thought it would be a good idea to visit in the future to use the cafe.

Breakfast @Baba Pool Club

Breakfast will be served at Baba Pool Club.

It’s a very luxurious space with a sea view from the morning.

Breakfast also has a wide variety of buffet and order-to-order options.

We highly recommend staying in Sripanwa, where you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast in the morning.

Sri Panwa still has many unexplored areas. I’m thinking of staying there again next year. There is a wide variety of restaurants, and the rooms have different views depending on the area. I think it would be nice to enjoy the West View on the other side next time.

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