Novotel Phuket Vitage Park Resort

Novotel Phuket Vintage Park

Novotel Phuket Vintage Park with a huge pool on Patong Beach.

The rooms are built around the pool. Located on Rat-Uthit-Song Roi Pi Rd in Patong Beach, this hotel is conveniently located in the central area of ​​Patong Beach.

There is The Square Restaurant in the center of the hotel, In Balance Spa next to the lobby, and a poolside bar by the pool, so the pool is always crowded with many guests.

With its impressive spacious grounds, this hotel allows you to enjoy a relaxing stay even in the Patong area. The food served at the restaurant is delicious and the hotel is recommended for long-term stays.

Deluxe Pool Access Room

The Deluxe Pool Access Room is 46 square meters in size and features a private balcony with a sunbed and private Jacuzzi. There is also a large sofa, making this room perfect for couples and families.

The best part is that you can access the pool right from your room.

Connecting to the pool, it gives a feeling of openness and is a comfortable room with a resort feel.

The bathroom also has a bathtub, so you can soothe your fatigue after a long journey.

The traditional Thai style rooms are very nice and have a calm atmosphere. A Thai painting is displayed above the bed head and it is very gorgeous.

Pool & Pool Bar

The signature of Novotel Phuket Vintage Park is its huge pool.

There is a large pool in the center of the hotel, with a long pool that even adults can enjoy swimming in. A float is a must-have item in the pool. If you forgot to bring your own, you can also buy it at the minimart inside the hotel.

There is also a shallow pool for families and a fountain for the kids to play. There is also a kids area next to the pool with swings.

The photogenic fountain area is also perfect for adults.

It’s a cool pool where you can enjoy taking photos while feeling the negative ions from the fountain.

The poolside bar has a nice atmosphere, and the cocktails are perfect for Phuket’s everlasting summer. During happy hour, you can order one drink and get one free, making your stay by the pool even more enjoyable.

How to enjoy in-room dining

In-room dining is recommended if you stay in a pool access room.

With floating breakfast, poolside lunch, and breakfast in bed, this is a room where you can enjoy dining while enjoying access to the pool, typical of Phuket.

This kind of experience is a unique way to enjoy resort Phuket.

Floating breakfast is a fun way to enjoy Phuket’s everlasting summer. Enjoy breakfast while cooling off by the pool!

Breakfast in bed is also something you can only find at a resort. Recommended for those who want to laze around in their room in the morning.

It’s best to have lunch by the pool!

Hotel Facilities

The hotel has a kids club and fitness center, each with its own daily program.

This program is recommended for those who want to move their bodies.

We offer easy-to-participate programs such as yoga and pool games, as well as Thai-style programs such as Thai boxing and cooking classes.

The kids club also has various activities, so your children can enjoy their stay at the hotel without getting bored.

In Balance Spa

We also recommend our award-nominated spa.

The dimly lit spa space, which has a large number of treatment rooms, is a soothing area that feels like you are surrounded by space. This is a spa that you should definitely use during your stay.

There are promotions, and there are massages available at great deals, but I mainly ordered the bubble bath for the photogenic aspect.

It’s a very nice space, and it’s the perfect bath time to moisturize after sunburn.

The Square Restaurant

Square Restaurant is the hotel’s main restaurant. The restaurant is always open from breakfast to dinner. In-room dining will also be delivered from this restaurant.

Breakfast is an international buffet.

We recommend having breakfast while looking out at the pool.

There is a buffet line inside the restaurant where you can choose from American, Continental, Indian and Thai style breakfasts.

This is a selection that you won’t get bored of even during your long stay.

We had dessert during the afternoon.

There was a selection of Western sweets and Thai sweets, which were very nice and delicious. We recommend having dessert as part of your afternoon tea time.

At dinner time, we had a select menu of Thai cuisine.

Since it’s Thailand, what I really want to try is authentic Thai food. The Thai cuisine prepared by the chef is exquisite. Please enjoy Thai food with beautiful decorations.

Novotel Phuket Vintage Park Resort

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