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Sala Pool Villa with nice sea view and close to Phuket town

Following February 2021, we have been staying at The Westin Siray Bay Resort&Spa Phuket. When we stayed last time, the scenery was beautiful and I liked it so much, so this time I stayed at Sala Pool Villa for 2 nights.

Sala Pool Villa @ Westin Siray Bay Resort&Spa Phuket

westin siraybay
Sala Pool Villa is located on the sea side, one step below the deluxe room building.
westin siray bay
The main bedroom is a villa type guest room with a high ceiling and the bed faces the sea. The bed area is higher and the view is great. It is a villa with a very tropical atmosphere. The bedroom leads to a balcony and pool. There is a sofa in front of the bed, and the floor plan in the room is a convenient style. The location is perfect with a view of the sea from the sofa.
westin siray bay
The wooden ceiling is really an asian style! It is equipped with a wooden fan, so you can spend your time comfortably. The villa isn't big, but it's very comfortable and you can always feel the sea of Siray Bay. It is a comfortable villa with a sofa in the living area where two people can sit firmly.
westin siray bay
All of Sea View Room at Westin Siray Bay is really recommended as it has a wide view of the sea. The pool villa is closer to the sea side and is lower, but closer to the sea.
westin siray bay
On the other hand, the sea view of the deluxe room is from a higher area, so it looks like an observatory. You can enjoy the view with different views depending on the type of room. Both are recommended views.
westin siray bay
The bathroom is very close to the entrance and the bathtub is located by the window. It has a nice structure that allows light to enter the bathtub. The blinds can be lowered when using the bathtub or shower. The bathtub was very easy to use and I used it many times. Both the shower and the toilet had glass doors, and the water was not scattered and it was comfortable.

Deluxe Pool Access Room @Westin Siray Bay Phuket

westin siray bay
We stayed in the Deluxe Sea View Room last time. We visited the Deluxe Pool Access Room at this time.  We had much interests this room.This room is decorated and the size is the same as the deluxe room, but there is a shared pool in front of the room, and you will use one pool with two rooms.
westin siray bay
The deluxe room building is located on a hill, and the view from a higher position than the pool villa allows you to enjoy a view that is a bit different from the pool villa. It's great because it has a wide view and you can see far away. The pool access room is recommended for those who want a sea view from a high position.

Dinner@Seasonal Taste

westin siray bay
Seasonal Taste is the largest restaurant in The Westin Siray Bay. Seasonal Taste is a restaurant serving international food and Thai cuisine.
westin siray bay
Seasonal staff recommended me to select a recommended menu at that night. The package includes resort credits and can be used at this restaurant when staying. Mockataill or cocktail that matches the sunset so it is also recommended.
westin siray bay
you can see the sunset from the restaurant, so the sunset time is recommended. How about a delicious dinner while sitting on the outside seat and watching the sunset?
westin siray bay
Wagyu burger
westin siray bay
Beetroot and smoked salmon, avocado healthy sandwich
westin siray bay
Stir fried Shrimp with tamarind sauce
westin siray bay
Seafood Agrio spaghetti

We have popular menus from all over the world.

Main Pool @ Westin Siray Bay Phuket

westin siray bay
The infinity pool is Westin's signature.
westin siray bay
A nice pool that connects the sea, the sky and blue.
westin siray bay
There is also a bar by the pool, which is a great chance to have a drink during happy hour from 2pm to 6pm. The blue scenery during the day is also very beautiful, but at sunset, the scenery is recommended as well as the seasonal taste.
westin siray bay
There is a poolside menu special selected from the seasonal taste, so it is a recommended service for those who want to have it in the fashionable pool.

Breakfast @Seasonal Taste

westin siray bay
Following dinner, the seasonal taste is the breakfast venue. Breakfast is also a place where you can eat while looking at the superb view. The outside seats are especially crowded during breakfast, so early or late hours are recommended.
westin siray bay
It is a satisfying breakfast time with a nice view even in the morning time. You can enjoy breakfast in a buffet style.

In-villa Dining @ Sala Pool Villa

westin siray bay
In-villa dining is also recommended when staying in a villa,  In addition to beach chairs on the villa's balcony, Sala has a table and sofa, making it a perfect balcony for breakfast or dinner. On this day, I ordered breakfast from the in-villa menu.
westin siray bay
You can enjoy a buffet-style breakfast to your heart's content, but the breakfast style that you can have in the room without leaving the room from the morning is actually a very elegant experience when staying at a hotel. In particular, the Westin Siray Bay is carried in fashionable wooden trays, so you will feel better! Breakfast at the poolside from the morning is a great memory.

westin siray bay

Sunset @Sala Pool Villa

westin siray bay
The dinner with a view of the sunset was the best as well as the breakfast. Westin has such a wonderful place in a private pool villa. It was a really elegant and luxurious time. From February to March, I was wondering if the sun would fall in front of the pool.
westin siray bay
The Sala Pool Villa at The Westin Siray Bay is just the right size for us and is the perfect guest room to unwind while in the pool. It is a good hotel to use for a honeymoon in such a place.

Photo spot @Westin Siray Bay Phuket

westin siray bay
When you arrive at Westin, the first thing you'll notice is this Westin sign. There is a lot in the car door, so you should know immediately. This Westin sign is an indispensable photo spot. It is very beautiful because the clouds are reflected.
westin siray bay
If you go down to the back of the Westin sign, you will find the beach below. The Westin is located on the eastern side of Phuket and is a relatively calm beach all year round.
westin siray bay
The view from the lobby. Wherever you go, Westin has sea and sea views in harmony with the scenery.

Summary of Westin Siray Bay Resort&Spa Phuket

westin siray bay
The Westin is located on the eastern side of Phuket, but the view from the hotel is great and the sea view room is especially recommended. A wide view of the sea is guaranteed in the rooms that do not have a sea view. It's hard to find a hotel with such a beautiful view. What's more, the Westin brand is one of the most affordable Marriott Bonvoy hotels in Phuket, so it feels like a good deal.
westin siray bay
Especially for the Sala Pool villa where I stayed this time, I used the main pool and restaurant because I was also interviewing, but if it is completely private and I do not have to do anything, I think that I will stay in the villa. Great for tanning on the beach chair and also relaxing while you're in the pool and cool! I definitely want to stay at Westin again. Next, I'm interested in the pool access room. I definitely want to stay in the pool access room.

Westin Siray Bay Resort&Spa Phuket

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