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Very popular and long-established restaurant”Nikita’s” in Rawai

Nikita's is a long-established restaurant on the beachside of Rawai Beach about 30 years. A restaurant that has grown together with Phuket. The owner, Mrs. Nikita and Mr.Tony, from England, is often in the  restaurant and warmly welcomes guests.
Mr.Tony's  style is that makes the most of nature, as far as I know Nikita's has the seaside seats are covered with sand for long time, creating a very nice atmosphere like being on the beach. Nowadays, there are many such styles in photogenic cafes and restaurants, but Nikitas is also the original photogenic restaurant that has created a photogenic space for a long time.
Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai
Nikita's havs recently opened deck seats. It's just been refurbished, but it incorporates the owner's naturalism and adds a new deck area that matches the old area perfectly. The trees that do a good job of replacing the umbrellas on the beach side are also growing well, and the atmosphere is perfect. The good taste of the owner who makes the best use of the goodness of nature stands out.
Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai
Nikita's is very famous restaurant as Western food, but in recent years, they have been focusing on researching Thai food and offering authentic Thai food. The Thai food menu has also been redesigned, so I went to Nikita's  again!

You can see the pier nearby, Lon and Coral islands in the distance, and Racha Yai island in fine weather.
Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai
I was surprised to see the menu and it was kept at a fairly reasonable price. Mr.Tony also wants local Thai people to taste Thai food, so the price is quite reasonable.

If you can get it at this price range on this beach side, it will be a great deal. It's a photogenic word when you sit on the deck of the bin back. This is a photogenic menu recommended by Tony. The spiciness can be adjusted, and it was a wonderful new menu with a gorgeous arrangement.
Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai

Watermelon shake 90B and Fresh coconut Juice 90B

Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai

Fresh Flower Spring Roll 150B

Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai

Chicken Satay 180B

Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai

Red Curry with Roasted Duck 250B

Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai

Stir Fried Pak Meang with egg and dried shrimps 150B & Rice 20B

Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai
Since there are many servings of one plate, it is just the right amount for sharing with a large number of people. In the case of two people, the amount was as much as three items. But it's delicious, so I instinctively eat too much! Isn't Thai food the real way to eat Thai food while looking at the sea and taking your time until you are satisfied? I thought. If you are traveling to Phuket, you should try authentic Thai food at least once. European food is good, but Nikitas Thai food now has a great menu.
Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai
There are many restaurants on the beach side of Rawai where you can dine while looking at the sea, and it is a restaurant where both local Thais and foreign tourists can relax. The beachside restaurant is very popular. There are seats with a roof as well as the beach side, so you can rest assured even if it rains.
Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai
If you come to tropical Phuket, it is ideal to enjoy delicious Thai food while enjoying the uniqueness of Phuket on the beach side. Nikitas is such an ideal restaurant. Enjoy colorful drinks, delicious Thai food, and photography.
Nikita's Beach Restaurant Phuket Rawai
It is very  beautiful and recommended at sunset. Rawai Beach is a very photogenic beach, with the sky often changing to pink around sunset.

Enjoy colorful drinks and sunsets at the Nikita's on Rawai Beach.

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Nikita’s Beach Restaurant



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