Ma Doo Bua

Popular as photogenic cafe in Phuket”Ma Doo Bua”

It has large lotus leaves in pond,Ma Doo Bua is located in the Chan Talay area, north of Phuket. It is relatively easy to access from the Laguna area. It really photogenic cafe in Phuket.
Ma doo bua
Ma Doo Bua is located inside At Panta Hotel. At Panta has been opened for a long time, but the hotel's restaurant has changed to Ma Doo Bua, making it an explosively popular cafe. Since it is a hotel cafe, it is open from morning till evening.
Ma doo bua
You can see the hotel's private villa around the pond, and the pier also comes out from the cafe, and a very beautiful view awaits you. Pond of Lotus is very suitable for hot tropical Phuket, which can be called an oasis. It feels cool when you can see the water.
Ma doo bua

Shooting a Drone

Ma Doo Dua’s specialty is a photogenic spot with the option of taking a drone and taking a commemorative photo on a large leaf (Victoria Amazonica). Drone shooting takes a picture of a wooden boat moored in a pond from the sky with a drone. 4 cuts 500B per person, 800B for 2 people, up to 4 people can shoot together.

Ma doo bua
Photographs standing on the leaves of a lotus can be taken at 350B per person. The Victoria Amazonica is a rare variety of species that inhabits the Amazon region. Another famous lotus garden in Thailand is Red lotus that lives in Thailand called Buadaeng. These lotus you can see in Ma Doo Bua are quite rare.

Ma doo bua
Both are photogenic and rare experiences, so I would like you to take a picture with Victoria Amazonica. The event will be held every Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 to 17:00. The flowers of Victoria Amazonica are smaller than the leaves, but they are very elegant. If you are lucky, you may be able to see the rare flowers that are said to bloom only for 3 days!

Recommended Menu at Ma Doo Bua

Ma doo bua
Thai food is the main food at Ma Doo Bua.  Lotus is the signature dish at Ma Doo Bua, and the dish using the stems of the Lotus is a specialty, the signature. Nam Phrik with lotus stalks is signature here. There are also lotus tempura and soup, which are original menus, so please try them.
Ma doo bua
Drinks are served in a fashionable presentation, such as a glass with Ma Doo Bua and the logo. Both holly basil rice and pineapple fried rice were delicious.
Ma doo bua
Drinks are served in a fashionable presentation, such as a glass with Ma Doo Bua and the logo. Both holly basil rice and pineapple fried rice were delicious.

A lot of photogenic place

Ma doo bua
If you do not want to pay for shooting, you can shoot from the cafe side.

It's a pier, and you can get close to the lotus and take pictures, and if you take pictures on fashionable cushions or hammocks, it's also photogenic.


Ma Doo Bua (At Panta Phuket)

Adress:310/51 M.1 Baandon-Cherngtalay Rd Thalang District, Phuket


Opening time: 10:00-20:00

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