Mikha Japanese Restaurant

Omakase 18 course Kaiseki Cuisine

Mikha is a Japanese restaurant on the top floor in Utopia Loft. Utopia is a group with multiple properties in Phuket, and next to Utopia Loft is Utopia Nai Harn. Both hotels have nice properties to go back and forth.
Mikha overlooks two utopias and you can see that there are many pools within the utopia. I was surprised that there are many pools on the ground and on the rooftop, and even pool villas. It is a Japanese restaurant located at a superb view point overlooking Utopia from Mika.
Mikha Japanese Restaurant
The executive chef is a Japanese chef who has worked at a Japanese restaurant for more than a dozen years. Mr. Norn is learning Japanese food in earnest because he trained in Okinawa, Japan.

Before becoming an executive chef at Mikha, he trained at a Japanese restaurant. I was impressed that it was amazing to be able to make sushi in earnest. You can leave it to us, but when you want to eat delicious sushi, Mikha is now an option.

Highly recommended course”Omakase 18″

Mikha Japanese Restaurant
We ordered 18 items course. The contents will change depending on the purchase of the day and the judgment of the chef. The rough course contents are presented with cute illustrations. Next is a course that you can enjoy while imagining what will come.

Omakase Course 18 items (2499B), there are also 12 items (1599B).
Mikha Japanese Restaurant
Since it is a full-fledged course, you can sit over the counter and enjoy the chef's performance and conversation. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese food as if you were in Japan.
Mikha Japanese Restaurant
The counter-style Japanese restaurant is one of the few in Phuket or Thailand. There is also a Japanese restaurant at the counter in Bangkok, which is very expensive, but Mikha offers it at a fairly reasonable price. The 18-item course is 2499B , so I felt it was expensive when I asked for the price, but I was convinced by seeing the items that came out. With this quality, 2499B is quite affordable. You won't know this until you actually eat it. It is a course that you can recommend with confidence. Recommended for those who want to have a commemorative trip or authentic Japanese food in Phuket. Anyway, I enjoyed all 18 dishes with a delicious word.
Mikha Japanese Restaurant

1 Mikha Fish&fruits cocktail

2 Sushi(Red Sea Bream)

3 Scallops Ponzu Cocktail

Mikha Japanese Restaurant

4 Deep Fried small fish and Orange Caesar salad

5 Mix rice with Chicken Tsukune

6 Crab miso

Mikha Japanese Restaurant

7 Mozuku with sea grape sauce

8 Salmon teriyaki

9 Sushi(Striped jack)

Mikha Japanese Restaurant

10 King Prawn Saute with Mint sauce

11 Mikha White fish and Mango Salad

12 Foie gras Saute

Mikha Japanese Restaurant

13 Sushi (Taraba Crab)

14 Wagyu Charcoal Grill

15 Sushi (Unagi)

Mikha Japanese Restaurant

16 Ebi Almond Tempura

17 Inaniwa some noodle seaweeds vinegar

18 Hokkaido duding with caramel sauce

Mikha Japanese Restaurant
The course starts from 18:00 and 20:00, which is a two-part system. Open Thursday to Monday. It took just 2 hours to get 18 courses. Since you will receive each item one by one, you can enjoy the freshly prepared items. The point is that you can get the freshly made products right away.
Mikha Japanese Restaurant
The course is a mix of pure Japanese dishes such as sushi and crab miso, as well as fusion dishes such as foie gras, sautéed shrimp and salad, so there are many dishes that you can enjoy with your eyes and tongue. Since the chef trained in Okinawa, many of them use sea grapes and have a refreshing vinegar flavor, making the product lineup well suited to the climate of tropical Phuket.
Mikha Japanese Restaurant
From October this month, we are also running a 30% discount on the à la carte menu, so now is your chance to visit. Special assortment of sushi Sushi Lover Set 579B comes with 2 soft drinks! I will try it on my next visit.

If you order 12 dishes for 2 people, you will get a liquor gift, and if you order 18 courses for 2 people, you will get a Utopia loft for 1 night with breakfast.

As the manager Nora says, you can see that guests who have visited once will always return as repeaters. If you miss delicious Japanese food, a visit to Mikha is a must!

Mikha Japanese Restaurant

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