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Collaboration Takieng and Blue Elephant

Located in the Renaissance Phuket of Mai Khao Beach in Phuket, Takieng is a famous Thai restaurant. It’s always a delicious Thai restaurant, but we are currently dealing with fusion Thai food in collaboration with Blue Elephant.

Blue Elephant is also one of Thailand’s leading Thai restaurants and is a famous restaurant with stores in Bangkok and Phuket.

I was very surprised to hear that both Takian and Blue Elephant collaborate with famous Thai restaurants, but it must be delicious! !! I visited with expectations.

Signature 7 dishes

There are 7 collaboration dishes.

Takieng × Blue Elephant

Among them, Yum Som O Pooh (360B++)is a recommended appetizer because it is provided with a magical effect. It is a pomegranate salad with sea grapes and crabs like Phuket.

Goong Chae Nam Pla (320B++)is a typical dish of Phuket, and it is a simple dish with fresh shrimp and nam pla. This dish is very important for freshness.

Gai Gor Rea(290B++) is grilled lemongrass and chicken.

Takieng × Blue Elephant

Thod Mun Goong Jakkajan(360B++) is a croquette-style fry of Sea Cicadas and Mai Khao Sand Club. The croquette has the aroma of shrimp and crab, and it is very delicious, and you can also enjoy the decorated sea cicada fried.

Pla Krapong Phak Peun (460B++)Muang is a roasted sea bass topped with Phuket green vegetables, seafood and mushroom coconut sauce.

Creamy sauce goes well with sea bass.

Takieng × Blue Elephant

The main dish is Gaeng Tumee Nue(590B++), and for vegetarians Seared Purple Potato(390B++). Both are main dishes using tommy sauce, and the sweetness of purple potatoes is the point.

Takieng × Blue Elephant


For this promotion, Blue Elephant chose an ancient Peranakan recipe, known as Tumee curry as the key ingredient for Takieng to create a special menu in its own style based on the signature Tumee flavour. In addition to the 100% natural Thai ingredients, Blue Elephant’s Tumee curry paste also includes 3 superfoods – Thai black garlic, fenugreek seeds, and garcinia for extra goodness.

Takieng × Blue Elephant

All 7 dishes are made using local ingredients of Phuket so that travelers can enjoy the food of Phuket. This is a must-try item when you visit Phuket.

About Takieng &Blue Elephant

Takieng restaurant serves classic Thai food and Phuket’s favorite dishes. Each dish at Takieng is crafted with a focus on authentic Thai flavors. Takieng was named one of Phuket’s Top 25 Restaurants in 2021 by Travelindex in cooperation with Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and was ranked No. 2 countrywide in the Top Everyday Eats category in TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Best of The Best 2021.

Takieng × Blue Elephant

Chef Jakub Mares and Chef Seng Thananan Kitprayool, the Executive Chef and Executive Sous Chef at Renaissance Phuket Resort & Spa, have come up with 7 creative dishes that showcase an assortment of local ingredients such as Mai Khao Sand Crab, Pak Lin Harn, and Sea Grapes using a variety of cooking techniques with eye-catching modern presentations while highlighting the original Tumee flavor as the star of each dish.

Takieng × Blue Elephant

Recently, Chef Nooror Somany Steppe — the inspiration and central person behind the success of Blue Elephant — together with Mr. Kevin Somany, Vice Managing Director and Mr. Andrea Picello, General Manager at Blue Spice (Blue Elephant Group) visited Takieng restaurant to taste each and every dish and they are impressed by Chef Jakub and Chef Seng’s creations.

Takieng × Blue Elephant

Takieng restaurant is open daily from 17.30 – 22.30hrs.

For more information and reservation, please Tel. 076 363 999 or Email phuketdining@renaissancehotels.com

Learn more about Blue Elephant at https://www.blueelephant.com/.

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