Tusky Bar & Grill in Phuket Old Town


We went to Tusky Bar & Grill, a charcoal grill restaurant in Phuket Town. When you enter the store, it has a very photogenic style and the LED light decoration is wonderful. It is a bar and grill in Phuket Town that is also recommended as a photo spot.

I thought it was a photogenic bar, but Tusky is more than just a bar. Tusky’s signature is cooking only with charcoal. The atmosphere of the restaurant is quite different, and the food is authentic, as it is a charcoal-grilled specialty restaurant. It’s not just a charcoal grill. Grill pork belly, beef, etc. using a Japanese charcoal grill. It’s a store with a lot of commitment.

Tusky is particular about its ingredients, and orders eggs and rice from affiliated local farms. They use only fresh and safe ingredients: pigs from Bangkok, beef from partner farms in Australia, lamb from New Zealand, and seafood from the sea near Phuket. This is a restaurant that supports local farms, so when you come to Phuket, you want to try some of the Thai specialties.

The a la carte dishes are also stir-fried over charcoal, so you can enjoy the unique flavor of charcoal grilling. All the grills and a la carte dishes are charcoal-grilled and delicious.

Tusky, which is so particular about its products, has a wide variety of cocktails. From Thai craft draft beer to signature cocktails, we also have Mocktails for those who don’t like alcohol. The shop is colorful, so it looks great when you take photos with cocktails! The bartender makes signature cocktails right in front of you, and the bar gets a perfect score of 100.

We also recommend trying different cocktails and comparing them. The bartenders are very kind, so if you don’t know what to order, feel free to ask.

The drinks and food are delicious, and the shops are photogenic, so there’s no reason not to visit Tusky.

It’s located in the heart of Old Town, so after strolling through Old Town, why not have some photogenic drinks and snacks at Tusky?

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 18:00 to last order at 24:00, until late at night.

Phuket Old Town has not only cafes but also hidden bars like Tusky, making it a city where you can enjoy not only the day but also the night.



Passion Fruit Martini

Classic Negroni

Nampla Whan


Smoked Eggplant & KYN organic egg salad & KYN organic red rice – haus style with crispy shallots

Charred Malinjdo KYN egg yolk, and dried shrimp

Grilled sour Naem in Betrl Leaf skewer

Slow grilled crispy porkbelly


Tuesday to Sunday from 18:00 to late night

Last Order food 23:00 , drink 24:00

住所: 16 ถนนตะกั่วป่า ตำบลตลาดเหนือ A. Muang, ภูเก็ต 83100 

    16 Ta Kua Pa Rd, T. Talat Nua A. Muang Phuket 83100

電話: +66 94 975 3352 (English / Thai)

Website  https://tuskyphuket.aqulas.me/

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