Junkyard Beach Theater at M Beach Club / JW Marriott Phuket Resort&Spa

Junkyard beach Theater

What is Junkyard?

The Junkyard Theater comes to JW Marriott every Friday.

The first beach theater in Phuket and Thailand.

However, this time it was raining and it was held at a special venue. However, as expected of JW

Marriott. The atmosphere in the open-air pavilion was also good, and I enjoyed it very much.

Jackyard is an artist group that holds shows every Saturday at the Theater on Bypass Street. The original Junkyard Theater is a show for adults aged 15+.

However, the show held at the JW Marriott is arranged so that children are OK, and it is a show that families can enjoy. So, if you want to participate as a family, we recommend the show held at the JW Marriott!

The entire show was a comedy, full of emotions and laughter from start to finish.

What language is it held in? It’s in English, but there are a lot of parody scenes, and it’s a show style that you can enjoy even if you don’t understand English because it’s expressed with your whole body.

A parody scene of a popular movie is jam-packed with a parody of a famous singer. I was laughing all the time at a comedy about Thailand and an airport comedy.

Movies and Thai culture are also integrated, so my daughter in the upper grades of elementary school was able to understand and enjoy it. I don’t think that children in the lower grades or kindergarten can understand the contents, but I think that children who like dance and music will enjoy it.

The dancers are not only funny but also wonderful. I was overwhelmed by the sharp dance. Dance, singing and acting are fused, and the decisive factor is dance.

Including 3 courses dinner

The two-hour showtime while eating was over in no time.

The 3-course menu is delivered in the order of show → meal → show meal → show → meal → show. It may be a trick to enjoy this exquisite balance. Look, eat, look, eat, it’s an uptempo pace. I will introduce the list of Dinner Courses that I received this time.

Course 1 Tiger Prawn Thai Cocktail (Thai Mango Salad with Shrimp Cocktail Salad)

Course 2 Surf n’ Turf (Australian tenderloin beef steak and grilled rock lobster)

Course3 Pina Colada Panna Cotta (panna cotta in pineapple)

Junkyard Theater is 100 times more enjoyable than I expected. It is a highly recommended show for those who want delicious food + something.

Of course, it is recommended for those staying at JW Marriott, but if you are staying in the Mai Khao area, there is also a free shuttle, so it is even more recommended. It is recommended for those who want to spend a night that is a bit different from those staying in other areas.

Junkyard Beach Theater

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