Andamanda Phuket

Andamanda is Phuket’s newest water theme park.

It’s a huge pool with 25 attractions and 5 zones.

When all areas are open, there is no doubt that it will be one of the top water parks in Southeast Asia.

When I visited this time, there was an area under renovation, so I didn’t go to the whole area, but I took a walk in Andamanda. Even so, it is a theme park that requires at least one day to fully enjoy the entire area.

12 thrilling sliders

It looks like a theme park for families, but there are actually many thrilling slides. Some of the thrilling sliders have a height limit of 122 cm or more, and the Cobra Curl, which can only be experienced at 45 kg or more, is a scary slider that the staff warned.

Get a paper map and check the slider thrill first.

Large raft sliders for families are also very popular sliders. This is also quite a thrill, so it is a slider that I would like you to challenge as a family.

Coral world for kids

Coral World, which unfortunately could not be entered during maintenance this time. A kid-friendly athletic pool, with flipping buckets and a small slide, kids can play in this pool all day long. Phuket 1 as a water park with so many sliders in the pool for children!

The flowing pool is also the longest pool in Southeast Asia.

Emerald Forest recommended for adults

The atmosphere has changed dramatically, and the Emerald Forest has an atmosphere for adults.

In the middle of the area there is a sand bar and a sand beach, made for drinks at the poolside bar.

It was great to have a beer while soaking in the pool on a hot day. The pool is made of acrylic panels that are in fashion now, and the inside can be seen, creating a stylish atmosphere.

There is also a flow rider, and it is an area where you can enjoy surfing.

The emerald pool, which is a wonderful space characterized by white parasols, was also the best. Adults can spend a day relaxing in this area.

However, there are many people who come to play for the slider, so it was a surprisingly spacious emerald area.

The Great Andaman Bay

The main feature of Andamanda is the huge wave pool. It’s as beautiful as the real sea. There is also a James Bond Rock next to Andaman Bay, so you can take a commemorative photo at James Rock without going on a Phang Nga Bay tour.

This area is also relaxing, so it is recommended for those who want to get a tan. Beach chairs are lined up. There is a wave bar next to James Bond Rock, which is also a space where you can enjoy alcohol. And there are many sliders in this area. It is a theme park that perfectly combines a space that adults can enjoy and a space that children will enjoy.

NAGA Jungle

Here is the area where screaming sliders gather.

I tried going up the stairs to the top, but when I looked down, it came right back.

Don’t look down on the slider.

Looking at the pamphlet, all of them were the strongest, and I didn’t know which one to choose, so when I asked the staff, they said that it would be good to test your courage from the dark blue slider on the far right. Try the dark blue Garuda Soars and if that’s okay, try the light blue Dragon’s Drop next door. If you have more room, go to Cobra Curls. Our daughter retired from Garuda Soars. Even if it looks okay from below, it turns into a horror when you actually go up.

Tropical Beach Restaurant

We had lunch at a tropical beach restaurant in Naga Jungle.

The restaurant has a nice southern atmosphere.

B B Q, Thai food, burger, Indian food and world cuisine are available.

The pineapple fried rice I received this time is recommended.

It was delicious.

Safe point

It is the latest theme park, and it is recommended because it has a lot of lockers and shower rooms. You will be given a wristband when you enter, so you can charge the wristband with money, and the opening and closing of the lockers will be managed with the wristband.

Locker rental is 150B, towel rental is 200B, but there are also great deals.

There are many lifeguards in the park, so it is safe for families with children.

Andamanda Phuket Official Website

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