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About Phuket Walk Webmagazine

In 2000, was launched. Since then our website
keep growing and regularly increase the number of visitors and daily hits, and has become the biggest travel information website of Phuket in Japanese. It has been successfully ranked high in Google and Yahoo Japan. (Bulk number of Yahoo users are in Japan and therefore both Google and Yahoo are the significant search engines for us)

The number of monthly page view is between 40,000 and 50,000 on average, especially page with Souvenirs, Restaurants, Patong Beach Information, Spa, Shopping are some of the popular pages amongst.

In general, Japanese tourists are keen to retrieval and learn their holiday destinations in advance, hence Japanese nature of “carefully gather travel information and well prepared in prior to their holidays”. We keep updating our extensive, yet reliable information site of the holiday island established our reputation in Japanese market.

Audience Demographic:

Average monthly Traffic 40,000 – 50,000 views
Sex Ratio (%) Female 55 : Male 45
Age Group (%) 18 to 24 = 10
25 to 34 = 32
35 to 44 = 29
45 to 54 = 20
Other age = 9

 as of Nov.2019

2 plans ad

【Monthly Plan】2500B for one month
– Buy advertorial in our website and getting more privileges on our complimentary:

●Promote your business on every posting page by text  (right hand side of page)
●Updates or amendments your business information in advertorial, e.g. images, seasonal promotions etc.
●Promote and list your business on index page, under “Recent Posts”,“Notice”, “PR” (text only) or “Pick Up Article
●Create discount coupon for promotion purpose under coupon page

* Minimum 3 months



【Review Plan】2000B
– One time review in our website and privilege:
●List your business on index page, under ‘Recent Posts” for 1 month”


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