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island escape

I stayed at Island Escape on Coconut Island, a 15-minute speedboat ride from Phuket.

Scheduled boats depart from the boat lagoon, and Island Escape’s office is also located in the harbor. Check-in takes place at the Boat Lagoon office.

island escape

Currently, there are 4 round trips a day, and in addition to the schedule we also offer speedboat charters.

Private longtail boats are available 24 hours a day from Lemhin port and are a better value. If you want to go to Phuket Town from the resort, you can go to Phuket via Laemhin Port.

Scheduled speedboats depart from exclusive lagoons. Great place to check into the resort from now on. It’s very beautiful, and it runs along a canal, but it’s full of mangrove trees, and it goes through the primeval forest of southern Thailand to Coconut Island. The atmosphere is great and the speedboats are comfortable, so you can enjoy the boat trip itself. However, since it only takes 10-15 minutes, you will arrive at the tropical resort in no time.

A special cart will be waiting at the private pier and will take you directly to your villa.

3 bedroom pool villa

Island Escape has 10 one-bedroom pool villas, two two-bed and three-bed pool villas, and one four-bed pool villa.

If you stay in a 2-bed pool villa or above, you will get a sea view room.

This sea view location has the best view that is hard to find on Phuket Island.

This is a very nice pool villa that can be used for honeymoons, parties, and weddings.

This time we stayed in a 3 bedroom type room. The two bedrooms are both master rooms and has the same design. Both have sea views.

One room has a garden view and has twin beds, making it perfect for children. Each room is separate and has its own bathroom. The room is designed to be suitable for 3 families to use.

The bathtubs unique to Island Escape’s pool villas are very stylish. The faucet is high, making it easier to create a bath bubble. It is designed so that you can take a relaxing soak in the bathtub, making it ideal as a honeymoon resort.

The bed faced the sea view and the view was great.

The view from the room balcony is also wonderful.

The entire room is very stylish and has a tropical resort feeling.

The door that separates the bathroom is also nice and cute.

One word is good taste.

The curtains are automatic and closes automatically, even at the triangular window.

Another recommended feature of Island Escape is that the facilities throughout the hotel are up-to-date and comfortable.

The recommended point of this 3 bedroom is the huge pool!

It faces the ocean, so you can enjoy the pool while looking out at the ocean. The water is seawater and feels very gentle to nature. When you swim, you can feel the salty air as if you were in the sea.

There is a large sala overlooking this pool, which will be used as a living area for the entire room. In the evening, there is a huge lace curtain for the night, which acts as a mosquito net to block mosquitoes.

Inside the sala, there is a pool table, sofa, and kitchen area, making it a space where everyone can gather.

There is also a beach sofa that can also be used for massages, making it a really comfortable area.

It’s perfect for families and for parties.

It’s everything

It’s Everything is Island Escape’s main restaurant. This restaurant will also be used as the breakfast venue.

This restaurant is located on a hill with a beautiful view and serves international food.

We have an Italian chef, so Italian food is especially recommended.

Homemade pasta and homemade pizza are must-see menu items. They also have Thai and international food, and it’s attractive that each person can choose what they want to eat from the menu. Being an island hotel, the menu is extensive. Even if you stay for a long time, you’ll be sure to find something to eat.

floating afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is included when you stay at Island Escape’s Sea View Pool Villa.

Afternoon tea served in a lovely pool villa with a sea view is a special moment. I asked the butler to make a special floating arrangement for me, so I was able to cool off during the hot afternoon. I’m really grateful for the villas with butlers as they are willing to accommodate my wishes.

This island escape pool villa is also recommended for honeymoons. Enjoy a nice afternoon.

sunset dinner

If you stay in a pool villa, you can order from a private chef, so you can enjoy B B Q in your villa. This is a recommended choice for a commemorative trip.

How about having dinner next to the beautiful sunset sky?

The great thing about Island Escape is that even the bartender can order food.

We recommend staying in a private villa so you can enjoy the resort feel even more. This time we had B B Q, but you can also order general dishes.

floating breakfast

Island Escape’s recommendation is the homemade floating breakfast.

A wonderful floating breakfast where you can feel more than 200% of the tropical atmosphere with a handmade bamboo tray.

Also, since it is a floating order system, you can choose your favorite items the day before.

A floating breakfast with a feminine touch, decorated with flowers and beautifully presented with food. As the name of the hotel suggests, you can escape from the city and enjoy a tropical island resort to the fullest. Enjoying breakfast while soaking in the pool in the morning is the best.

infinity pool

This is an infinity pool with a sea view that is a recommended scenic spot for island escape. It’s located just below the main restaurant, It’s Everything, and the restaurant also has a lovely view of the pool.

There is also a bar by the pool, so we recommend spending time at this pool during the hot days.

You can also see the beach from the pool.

The infinity pool is designed for adults, while the children’s pool is located in the splash area. The pool is completely divided into two areas, so you can enjoy the different atmospheres of the pool.

beach area

Because Coconut Island has a small population, the beach in front of the hotel is almost private!

There are also stand-up paddleboards and kayaks available for you to enjoy the beach life.

The view from the beach area is also nice, and you can see Koh Yao Yai and Koh Lan Yai.

This is the moment when I truly feel that Coconut Island is a great place.

It’s nice to do yoga on the rocks.

The perfect island to fully experience nature.

The swings made by the staff are also very photogenic. Coconut Island is a place where you can be one with the sea and nature.

Cooking class for children

Since it is difficult to go outside to have fun at resorts located on islands, many hotels have plenty of on-site activities. Island Escape has a cooking class for children, where we made a Thai dessert called buaroi (coconut milk and rice cake). The lesson began with the support of three people: an English-speaking teacher dressed in Thai costume, a cook, and a butler.

They provide solid support, so it is also recommended as a first cooking class.

The Buaroi is completed as if you were playing with clay!

Is Thai-style coconut syrup and rice cake effective against summer fatigue? !

We had a great time.

bamboo spa

Bamboo Spa is a spa opened in the lagoon area. It’s a wonderful spa that just opened, and the treatments are private villa type.

The treatment inside is also wonderful, and the spa’s technical capabilities unique to the Burasari series are highly recommended.

If you stay at Island Escape, we highly recommend going to the Bamboo Spa.

Island Escape Summary

Island Escape is divided into two main areas: the private pool villa and the splash and lagoon zone. This time I stayed in the private pool villa zone “Ocean” zone in the luxury area, and it is a resort where you can truly relax within the hotel. You can also use the splash area and lagoon area, but we spent most of our time in the private pool villa.

Next time I would like to enjoy the main resort as well.

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