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The Shore at Katathani is five-star hotel on the cliffs of Katanoi Beach in Phuket. All rooms are private villas with a pool. A Katatani Group hotel, the Shore at Katathani is for adults under the age of 12, children are not allowed to stay.
There are many room types, and this time I stayed in the Sea View Pool Villa Romance Room, which is the second category from the top. The room on the sea side was full and could not be reserved. Most of the rooms are facing west or north, and the rooms on the west have a chance to see the sunset.
the Shore at Katathani
Wait in the main pool at the back of the hotel reception until check-in is possible. The main pool is also a very beautiful infinity pool. What a wonderful hotel there are many photo spots to take pictures after entering the hotel. You can see that bloggers gather.
the Shore at Katathani
When I returned to the reception, it was said that the room was ready, so I moved to the room by cart.

The Shore at Katatani is located along a cliff, so a cart is required to move rooms. Move while listening to the hotel information on the cart. However, it is a fierce road with considerable ups and downs. Yes, all rooms are private villas, so the grounds in the hotel are large! I'm surprised that they have 89 villas.
the Shore at Katathani
When you arrive at the villa, you start with a ceremony. The villa door is closed with a ribbon, so open the ribbon to enter the villa. Is this just for honeymooners? It's a service of Originally, honeymooners would gather from every moment in the world.
the Shore at Katathani
I got on the cart with him and said that a Thai woman didn't know the existence of Shore at Katatani. Until now, the hotel was only promoting overseas, so it seems that it was not well known to Thai people living in Bangkok. Nowadays, it is a very popular private pool villa that has become famous among Thai people through SNS.
the Shore at Katathani
A villa with a view of the sea above the sea view villa is a villa with a bed facing the sea. You can overlook the sea by opening the window of the room. From the floor plan of the room, the resort-like atmosphere is floating. The villa we stayed in is a little worrisome about the roof of the villa in front, but the view is very beautiful. Is Sala in the villa the decisive factor? The contrast between the wonderful Sala, the sea and the sky is wonderful.
the Shore at Katathani
Inside the villa, this is a bathroom that can only be said to be cute, for girls or for honeymooners. If you decide on a hotel for her surprise or proposal, the Shore at Katathani! It is a push. The interior is just nice. There is no mistake that girls will be pleased with the independent bathtub. There are two showers in the shower room! Two sinks are commonplace in private villas, but this is the first villa with two shower heads.
the Shore at Katathani
It is also recommended as an anniversary trip. Men who want to please women will not make a mistake when choosing the Shore at Katatani. However, it is recommended that the room category is Sea View or higher. If you want to compete, I think the top category is no loss. It's called bed decoration, and the fact that flowers are scattered in the bathtub is really a honeymoon production.

A lot of Photogenic Place

the Shore at Katathani
When I checked in at the hotel, I heard from a staff that there are many photogenic spots in the hotel, but even though it is a private villa, there are many photogenic spots in the hotel.
the Shore at Katathani
There are many photo spots by the pool. There is also a lot of ingenuity between the infinity pool and the sea pool. Very nice view.
the Shore at Katathani
The Kissing Point, which looks like a skywalk, is also a venue for romantic dinners. If you book a romantic dinner, you can charter this Kissing Point for a diner course of 10,000 baht, so it's still perfect for a proposal, isn't it? We took pictures with the blue sky in the bag during the free time. A superb view point that reminds you of the Skywalk of Chain Khan. The time of sunset will be wonderful.
the Shore at Katathani
Speaking of photogenic, swings. Giant swings are now an integral part of photography. It was a lovely place, cutely decorated with flowers. There are also yoga points and walking paths. It is a hotel that requires a cart, but if you walk along the sea from the pool, you will find many photogenic spots like this. It's on a hill, but many people take nice pictures of the chapel. When I thought that the villa on the sea side was built on the sea side, it was actually a photo spot or a walking area like this. Many people say that private pool villas do not leave the room, but Shore at Katatani is a hotel that you should definitely take a walk.

Infinity Pool

the Shore at Katathani
Infinity pull that I was interested in at check-in. After check-in, I changed into a swimsuit and visited again. This time I want to take a good picture. The inside of the villa is nice, but the large infinity pool is also nice. There are also photo spots. It is a very convenient hotel as you can get to the egg-shaped sofa and Katanoi beach from the poolside.
the Shore at Katathani
This is Sea pool. It is a natural pool because it is a pool that draws seawater. You can also book a romantic Dinner on the Sand at night in this pool.

Kata Noi Beach

the Shore at Katathani
The waves were strong when I stayed at Katathani, but this time there were no waves and it was calm. The clear blue sea is really nice. Even if I didn't go on a remote island tour, I never knew that the sea in front of the Shore at Katathani was so beautiful. The hotel also rents crystal kayaks.

Floating Afternoon Tea

the Shore at Katathani
Floating afternoon tea was reserved at the same time as the hotel reservation. I ordered a drink at check-in, so I arrived smoothly when the time came. Even if you swim in the pool in the villa, you often see delivery carts, so everyone probably orders floating afternoons and floating evening cocktails.
the Shore at Katathani
Afternoon tea set carried in a three-dimensional floating set. Afternoon tea, which you can enjoy while you are in the pool during the hot afternoon, is the best. I stayed in the pool all afternoon without the low water temperature that is typical of private pools.

Sunset @private pool villa

the Shore at Katathani
Since the direction of the sun setting and the category of the room are not related, the position of the sun setting will shift depending on which room it was assigned to and the time of year, so I think this is just luck. I could see the sunset from the villa I stayed at this time. The sun setting in the middle. I think I was lucky to be able to appreciate it while entering the pool. The villa facing Kata Noi Beach will have a nice Kata Noi view, but you may not be able to see the sunset. The villa we stayed in was facing west. The poolside was so comfortable that I was in the pool as it was from afternoon tea. The area around Kissing point is also a great area to watch the sunset.

Quiet Night

The Katanoi area is a quiet area. It can be said that most of the Katanoi area is occupied by Katathani Beach Resort & Spa and Shore at Katathani, and it is very quiet at night because there is no bar street like Patong Beach. You can hear the cry of insects. In such a quiet place, it is nice to open the curtain and spend only with the downlight. For people who are busy on a daily basis, we sometimes recommend this kind of night. The green lights of the squid fishing boat can be seen in the distance, which is a typical view of Phuket.

Upgrade to Floating Breakfast

the Shore at Katathani
Although the accommodation is packaged with breakfast included, this breakfast buffet can be changed to a floating breakfast served in a private villa. The additional charge is 520B, so when you stay at Shore at Katatani, please upgrade to a floating breakfast and experience the breakfast in the villa.

the Shore at Katathani
Order from the smartphone app by the day before. There are 5 choices, and the main and dessert are a set. You can choose from Western menu, Mexican, Thai menu, and healthy menu.
the Shore at Katathani
It's difficult to keep it floating, so I arranged it on the table when I finally got it. I was completely captivated by the comfort of not having to leave the room in the morning and the self-paced time to relax by the pool. I thought that floating breakfast is good this time as well.

The Summary of the Shore at Katathani

the Shore at Katathani
I heard that if you want Thai food at check-in, Param Para is recommended, and if you want international food, The Harber is recommended, but in this private villa, you can wear a swimsuit. If you do, it will be a hassle to go out, and many people will be muffled. There is also in-villa dining, so it is recommended as you can order. It was a nice villa where you can relax in the pool, forgetting the reality. If you have a chance next time, I would like to stay at the villa in front of you (Sea View Villa in Love), which you can see between this villa and the sea.

The Shore at Katathani

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