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Pamookkoo, is a family resort with a water park in Kata Beach.

There is a family-friendly pool in the center of the hotel.

It is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy the pool in the hotel during their stay.

Pamookkoo Phuket

The hotel reception feels like you’re in an amusement park, and the staff wears explorer-Esque uniforms. From the moment you step into the hotel, you will be exciting fun. The reception has been created with an atmosphere that makes you feel as if you have traveled back in time to ancient Egypt.

Deluxe Pool Level Room

Pamookkoo Phuket

The deluxe room is 32 square meters in size. Being a new resort, the facilities inside the hotel are the latest and most comfortable.

Pamookkoo Phuket

In line with the concept of Mesopotamia, the interior of the guest room is also designed in an exploration style, making it a very nice room. The bathroom is spacious and stylish. The washroom is in the room, easy to use, and the design is nice.

Slippers, beach sandals, beach towels, beach bags, umbrellas, and even fluffy bathrobes are available, making this a very cost-effective hotel. Pool-level rooms have direct pool access from your balcony. It is a very convenient room type with a dedicated beach chair.

Pamookkoo Phuket

Until the end of October 2022, the deluxe room is 1299B for 2 people, 1799B for 3 people, and the pool level room is 2299B for 2 people. There are also family rooms that can accommodate four people, making this a family-friendly resort.

Deluxe Family Room

Family room overlooking the pool. Up to 4 people can stay in the same room, so it is recommended for families.

There is a bunk bed for children on the balcony side.

The master bed is in the middle of the room.

The bathroom was also clean and I liked it. There are 4 amenities such as glasses, so it is recommended for families.

Water park @Pamookkoo

The water park in the middle of the hotel is an area where children and adults can enjoy themselves. It is a very stylish water park with the theme of Mesopotamian civilization. Pamookkoo is also popular as a photo spot.

The sliders you care about are open from 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00.

Since there is staff for safety, the slider can be used only during this time.

Pamookkoo Phuket

There are 3 sliders in total, some of which are long, but they are thrilling enough for children to enjoy.

I would like adults to ski at least once. In the room, it is written that you must not forget to slide down the slider. It is such a stylish hotel.

There’s also a kids’ zone and a classic bucket-turning play pool for the little ones. A water park inside the hotel that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

Lunch time @ Boottata Bar

Pamookkoo Phuket

Lunch time while looking at the water park is a luxurious time.

Since it is a family resort, meals are reasonably priced.

We recommend dining at the stylish restaurant and bar in front of the pool. The slides are closed from 12:00 to 14:00, so the restaurant is also crowded. An early or late lunch is recommended.

Children will love spaghetti meatballs, Thai-style soup Tom Kha Gai, spicy salad larb gai tote that goes well with beer, and squid and onion rings that the whole family can enjoy. We also had chocolate cake after dinner.

Pamookkoo Phuket

we love this atmosphire.

Pamookkoo Phuket

There are fancy drinks and nice staff.

You can drink at the poolside also very nice.

Breakfast @ Pamookkoo Nest

Pamookkoo Phuket

Pamookkoo’s recommendation is breakfast. I was wondering what the breakfast was like at this affordable family hotel, but it was a gorgeous breakfast with both Western and Thai food.

Pamookkoo Phuket

The breakfast venue is a two-story building with an atrium, and there is also a second-floor seat. A spacious breakfast room. The jungle-style design is also nice, and the breakfast venue has an atmosphere like being in a theme park.

Pamookkoo Phuket

The staff is also very nice in the same expedition uniform. It’s completely self-service, including drinks, so you can enjoy it without hesitation.

Surprisingly, this price includes this breakfast.

Pamookkoo Phuket

Since it was a consecutive holiday for Thai people, the curry and noodle dish called kanom chin, which is popular among Thai people, is very delicious and recommended.

Pamookkoo Phuket

After all, the breakfast venue is very beautiful, and it is a hotel with high-cost performance, Pamookkoo.

Pamookkoo Phuket

Kids Club

The family-friendly hotel Palmukho also has a kids club.

I didn’t know there was such a huge kids club, and I was surprised when I entered.

The upper space is equipped with a bathroom for children and a tent-type bed.

Being able to take a nap in the kids club is a great service for parents.

Summary of Pamookkoo

Pamookkoo Phuket

Pamookkoo is the best family resort. You can walk to Kata Beach, the location is good, there is a water park in the hotel that both children and adults can enjoy, and since it is a local brand hotel, it is a nice point that it is set at a reasonable price. With breakfast included, I thought the price was very good. It is very exciting with Thai guests on the Thai holidays.

Pamookkoo Phuket

Pamookkoo Official Website

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