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Monsoon tea, a tea specialty store that handles tea grown in northern Thailand. We interviewed the M Quarty store in Bangkok. The store is located in The Helix Qartier 4F Another Story of EmQuartier. Colorful tea cans are lined up and it is very gorgeous.
Monsoon Tea
Monsoon Tea is an authentic tea specialty store with over 100 blends. Of course, we also handle pure teas such as Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, herbal teas, and original blends, as well as rare and valuable teas.
Monsoon Tea
There is also a tasting corner inside the store, where you can sample the tea you are interests in. It was my first visit to Monsoon Tea Shop, so I asked staff to make recommended tea. I experienced several types of tea tasting for the first time, but I was impressed that even if you say tea in a word, if you blend it, you can create infinite flavors and it is profound. If you think hard, you won't know what to choose, so I interpreted this tasting to find a tea with a taste you like.
Monsoon Tea
My favorite is Jungle Oolong Tea, which is only available in some areas above 2200m above sea level in Chiang Mai. I am surprised that it is a tea leaf that grows naturally in the jungle over 1000 years old. I just thought that tea was cultivated in a tea plantation.

Monsoon Tea
It is picked by hand from a natural tree as shown in this photo (from Monsoon Tea Web Site). This tea is a gift from the forest found in the natural jungle.
You can enjoy Jungle oolong tea with a deep taste and aroma. This tea, which is quite expensive at 900B / 50g but has a high rarity value, is also recommended as a gift for loved ones.

At the beginning, I introduced a rare tea with high rare value, but since it also handles a lot of standard pure tea, it can also be used for home use. Thai tea, Thai breakfast and Lahu Black are sold from 210B / 50g. How about incorporating monsoon tea into your home?
Monsoon Tea
When I saw the shop, I was curious about the cans with colorful logos lined up in a row. If you look closely, the design is different for each tea blend. It's so cute that I want to try more and more tea flavors.

Monsoon Tea
The colorful canned tea called Rainbow Blend, Songkran Blend, which is inspired by the Songkran festival, are cutely named and fashionable. If you live in Phuket, I recommended the coral blend, which has the image of the tropical sea, so I tried the coral blend as well. You can enjoy a completely different taste for each blend, such as fragrance, color and flavor.

Monsoon Tea
It is difficult to decide which one to use while tasting, and it becomes greedy. In such a case, it is recommended that monsoon tea also handles small cans, so you can purchase several flavors as a trial. A lot of cute cans are available, and it is a size that you can easily take with you on a trip.
Monsoon Tea
There is also a fashionable paper box for gifts, and the recipient will surely be pleased. It is also good to use it as a souvenir for Japan. The design of the can is so cute that I want to collect all of them.
Monsoon Tea
My daughter likes Konbucha. Monsoon tea sells not only tea but also kombucha. The monsoon tea kombucha contains carbonic acid and has a very impressive sweet and sour aroma. This is a bottle of 150B. You can divide it with ice and drink it as it is. It has a refreshing taste and is very suitable for hot tropical Thailand. As a fashionable drink, if you serve it as a welcome drink at a home party, it will be a taste that everyone will be pleased with.

Monsoon Tea
Monsoon tea is also affiliated with the hotel, so it is sometimes said that monsoon tea was used when staying at the hotel. In addition, we are currently selling products online worldwide, so you can order from Japan as well. Please enjoy high quality Thai tea.

Shop Information

Monsoon Tea Emquartier Branch

Adress:The EmQuartier 693, 695 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Tel:081 822 3115


Instagram @monsoontea

Line Official Account @monsoontea

FB @Monsoon Tea , @Monsoon Tea Asok

We visited the EmQuartier store, but there is also an Asoke store in Bangkok. Chiang Mai has its main store, Wat Ket store and One Niman store.
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