soul phuket

Vegan Cafe&Lounge in Karon Beach

Soul Phuket is a fashionable cafe lounge on Karon Beach. It has a tropical resort feel and is ideal for girls traveling for photogenic lovers.

Moreover, Soul Phuket is also a vegan restaurant. All the dishes handled in the shop are vegan, so we gather from all over the world for delicious dishes of Soul Phuket.

The owner of Soul is Adele, a Frenchman. Soul Phuket focuses on health rather than vegan, and sticks to the materials used. We carefully select and select all kinds of ingredients such as pizza flour from the type of sugar. All meals served at the sole are safe.

Although vegan is not very familiar in Japan, smoothie bowls, poke bowls, sandwiches, etc. are easy to enter even for non-vegan people, and I think they can be enjoyed deliciously.

There are 3 smoothie bowls in all. It’s colorful and nice. A smoothie bowl perfect for beach style as it is right next to Karon Beach. It’s perfect for breakfast and the morning orders stand out.

It is a fun menu of Sole Phuket with a wide variety of sandwiches.

There is even Thai food.

There is also a kids menu, with non-vegan menus for kids.

Pancakes are gluten-free. A pancake with two kinds of sauces.

The vegan cake is also very delicious and recommended.

Not only restaurants and cafes, but also Adele’s desire to be a place where everyone can gather in this space and make new encounters and connections. Perhaps because of that feeling, the guests gathering at Soul are all very friendly, and even those who have never met can talk to each other, which is a very warm place.

On Sundays, Adele will be hosting collaboration projects such as yoga, meditation, and qigong, so if you want to participate, check out the SNS channel at Soul Phuket.

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